Cabaran Artik Ice Kimo challenge 2008

Cabaran Artik Ice Kimo challenge 2008 was an event organized by Dairy Fresh Foods Sdn Bhd from 22-Aug-2008 to 24-Aug-2008 at Sunway Pyramid (Blue Atrium), Petaling Jaya. It was a great show and had received a very well response from public.

Our company had a chance to participate in the project. In the project, we developed a software that controls the game progressing, from registering contestants, game playing algorithm, integrating with a broadcasting system from another company, and to the displaying game result on the screen.

Integrating with a broadcasting system

Left hand side is the console where our computer system be integrating with a broadcasting system from another company. The right hand side is the registration counter. Three computers (1 high end desktop computer and 2 laptop computers) were used to speed up the contestants registration process.

Game Control

Our computer system controlled the displaying of game result and other information on the screen through integrating with a broadcasting system.

We would like to thank Melvin, Mr. Lim, James and Angie for helping us a lot during the development of the project.